SCS, which stands for Short Causelist Service, is a revolutionary software designed to facilitate delivering cause list information for advocates. Once installed on your Android or Apple device and the names by which you file your vakalatnama are filled out, along with any additional cases not appearing by your vakalatnama names (if desired), your daily, weekly, monthly, and supplementary cause lists will be available right on your mobile screen. Furthermore, the app will notify you when a new list is displayed on the high court website or when your cases are updated, and you may opt to receive an email with the same information.


Effortlessly stay on top of legal proceedings. Register in under three minutes for a free seven-day trial.


Instant High Court updates. Receive the Bombay High Court cause lists promptly on WhatsApp for maximum convenience and zero delay.


A streamlined app experience. Get real-time cause list updates with a tap — no hassle, just efficiency.


Missed an update? We’ve got you. Reach out, and we’ll have you back on track in no time.

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See SCSApp in action. Explore our demo for a sneak peek at the essential info you’ll gain.

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Unique Features

SCS has evolved over a period of six years with feedbacks from thousands of customers practising in thirteen different High Courts of India.

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Demo of SMS for causelist that will be sent to you daily. Search for your causelist for a particular date by filling in the right information in the below form :

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