How It Works: Getting Started with SCS

Start Your 7-Day Trial

Begin your journey with SCS by filling out our simple trial form. This initial step is crucial to customize your experience. We require your Vakalatnama and a list of names similar to yours to avoid any confusion. For instance, if your name is AK Anthony, and you typically receive cases under ‘Author K. Anthony’ or ‘AK Anthony,’ but there’s another lawyer with the name ‘A. Kevin Anthony,’ we’ll ensure to distinguish your cases accurately. This precision helps us deliver the most relevant and precise causelist to you.

Download the App

For the most streamlined experience, download the SCS app. Choose the version that suits your device:

Register and Connect with WhatsApp

After registering for the trial, you’ll receive a unique password for app login. Alongside, we encourage you to connect with our WhatsApp service. Simply send a ‘Hi’ to our dedicated number, and you’ll start receiving your personalized daily causelist. This integration ensures you’re always up-to-date with minimal effort.

Submit Your Case Details

Upon logging in, submit your case numbers and Vakalatnama to activate our service for your specific needs. This information enables us to tailor the causelist and updates directly relevant to your cases, ensuring you receive accurate and timely information.

Map Additional Stakeholders

SCS offers the capability to map more stakeholders associated with your cases. This feature is particularly useful for team management and ensuring all involved parties are synchronized with case updates and schedules. Efficiently coordinate with your juniors, colleagues, and other legal professionals connected to your cases.

Ready to Enhance Your Legal Practice?

Experience the revolution in legal case management with SCS. Start your 7-day trial today and take the first step towards streamlined case tracking and efficient team coordination. Join us and redefine how you manage your legal practice.


Demo of SMS for causelist that will be sent to you daily. Search for your causelist for a particular date by filling in the right information in the below form :

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