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The service scans for lawyer names in Daily, Supplementary, and Default for the next working day. For the Quarterly/Weekly cause list, the message is sent if the name features in a weekly list, where the from date is the next working day. For Example, on 18th Feb the lawyer will get a message for a weekly list, if his name features in a list from 19th Feb to 21st Feb and not for a weekly list of 17th Feb to 22nd Feb.

Indore High Court
Indore High Court

Notification Message Format

The Notification message sent to the advocates is in the following format: Date- List- Judge- ** case – ( V/S ).

Sample Notification Message

If a lawyer has three cases on the next working day, one in the daily cause list for Hon’ble Justice SS Kanade, one in the Supplementary cause list for Hon’ble Justice Prasad Satpude, and one in the Default cause list for Registrar, the message sent to him will look like this:

Date-02/03/23 list-IND


case-73. MP-2070/2022

(mrs. rakhi v/s . mrs. manjula)

Justice-HON JUS PRANAY VERMA *MOTION HEARING* case-77. WP-17362/2022(O)

(prashant gadekar v/s . committee of executives for wilful defaulter coe)

 If there are no cases listed for any of the search names of the lawyer in any of the above cause lists, the following message in sent to him:

No Listings in 01/03/23 IND Medi causelist for Abhinav Dhanodkar

 Here, Nitin S Dutt, NKS Dutt, N S Dutt, nitin s. dutt are the various vakalatnama names registered with us by the advocate Nitin Dutt.

Notification Timing

As per the latest changes in the causelist upload schedule of Indore High Court, we send the messages for the daily boards for the entire week on Friday (or the last working day of the week, whenever the lists are available) at about 6.30 PM. During the week when the supplementary lists are added to the mainboard, we give you the information for that as well if your cases have changed.

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