About Us

About Us : SCS, which stands for Short Causelist Service, is a revolutionary software designed to facilitate delivering cause list information for advocates. Once installed on your Android or Apple device and the names by which you file your vakalatnama are filled out, along with any additional cases not appearing by your vakalatnama names (if desired), your daily, weekly, monthly, and supplementary cause lists will be available right on your mobile screen. Furthermore, the app will notify you when a new list is displayed on the high court website or when your cases are updated, and you may opt to receive an email with the same information.

Unique Features :

SCS has evolved over a period of six years with feedback from thousands of customers practicing in thirteen different High Courts of India. As such, it deals with (and mitigates) practical problems faced by learned advocates in obtaining cause list information from the currently available sources

Magic Search

Due to lack of time, data entry staff is bound to make spelling mistakes while entering lawyer names in the online causelist. This might lead to your cases being missed from notice if you are in the habit of going to ‘entire causelist’ section of the website and searching your names by doing a browser based search (Ctrl+F). SCS handles miss spells for you. When you first register for SCS, our system automatically looks up all the probable spelling mistakes for your entered search names and adds it to your account (after some manual quality control). Also, on an ongoing basis, while generating cases for you, if a spelling mistake is detected, SCS handles it too!

Updation Check

Lots of times, the causelist information gets updated after it has been first posted on the official website. SCS safegaurds you against this. If a list gets updated and if there are any additions in your cases, we send you app notifications, and Emails, regarding the updations.

Search by Case Number

SCS primarily works on you vakalatnama names registered with us, but in case you are interested in some cases which are not filed by your names, you can add those cases in your account via the App or via our hepldesk and SCS will do the rest. Next time, whenever the given case numbers appear on the board, you will receive notifications for the same.

Search by Party Name

SCS can also track your cases by party names, which proves really useful in case you are a government advocate or a corporate advocate, looking after the legal affairs of a given firm.

Seven-day planner

The SCS App features a seven-day planner which shows you your case listings for the next seven days at a glance, today being the first day. This is a bird’s eye view of how many cases in various lists are listed for your account on any given day. when you tap the said date, details of the cases are presented to you

Share cases via WhatsApp, Gtalk, email

Irrespective of whether or not a case is mapped to a stakeholder, each case and list present in the SCS App is sharable via WhatsApp, Google Hangout(formerly Gtalk), Email, Facebook, and all other sharing-capable apps installed on your smartphone.


When a new case is listed on the board, there are multiple parties, whom the advocate has to information regarding this listing. Typical examples of such parties or stakeholders are clients, seniors, juniors, councils. With the SCS App, You can now map your cases to a stakeholder and SCS will inform your stakeholders regarding their case listings. All you have to do is just access the ‘clients’ sub-menu, which can be found below each case in the App, and map cases to stakeholders. Each case can be mapped to multiple stakeholders and vice versa. Once the mapping is done, the app will automatically notify you at 9 PM (time can be changed to suit your schedule) with a list of stakeholder notifications to send. You can choose to notify each stakeholder via email or both.

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